April 4, 2018
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Solar and Wind in Nicaragua

Is alternative energy a good idea for Nicaragua?  Alternative energy makes sense just about everywhere in the world but especially here.  The electrical grid provides unstable and inconsistent power.  The power company is constantly working to remedy the situation but their job is hampered by fast population growth and a grid that was not designed for the size needed today.  This situation creates frequent power outages and unstable current which can damage appliances and devices.  Also, country´s dependence on foreign oil to generate electricity creates some of the highest electricity rates in the world. Continue Reading →

May 10, 2013
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Solar Energy

Positioned at exceptional latitude for sun Nicaragua offers excellent conditions for harnessing solar energy.  Solarlogica provide Innovative Energy Solutions for home and business in Southwest Nicaragua.

Home Alternatives

Protect your appliances and be confident with consistent renewable energy.  From complete off-grid systems to basic systems running only critical functions (light, internet, fans, etc.) we provide solutions for your needs and budget.